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Debbie Bliven


Simi Valley

Yadira Guerrero

Simi Valley

When I first met Andrea Rose to receive a free consultation she told me during the meeting that she had the capability to take 5-10 years off my face with a Medical Chemical peel, I was skeptical about the changes that would happen to me and the downtime. So many estheticians and doctors have promised to make me more youthful but never delivered. So when Andrea told me she could do this, realistically I didn't believe her. After the consultation I went home and I looked at myself in the mirror and I really did not recognize who was looking back at me and it made me really sad. This getting older thing I have a feeling I'm not going to do very well with. So, the next day I called Andrea and decided to trust her. I had the stage 2 peel and it really was not that painful, I was surprised. Andrea was profeesional and talked to me about what to expect before the procedure and she also gave me written instructions for post procedure care. The absolute great news is that Andrea kept her word to me, I am SO happy at the way that I look; it affects every part of my life. My scars are reduced, my fine lines are gone, the lines around my lips are diminished and I love it and my husband noticed too!!!!!!!! I would recommend Andrea to anyone who has either had a bad experience with chemical peels or is skeptical that she can take years off your face! 

Julia Braxton

Simi Valley

I absolutely love Andrea's facials!! My face is lifted, glowing and hydrated. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in a performance facial that makes your skin more youthful. I look forward to my next appointment!!!

Patrice Johnson

Thousand Oaks

My face is healthy and glowing!!! My skin is clear from all blemishes and I love her soft cushy bed! Andrea makes me feel like a princess and my face and neck are lifted and rejuvenated, I would never let anyone touch my skin accept for Andrea Rose I recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled Aesthetician.  

Camilla Jones

I have problem skin that I have been battling with for years. Andrea cleared me completely up and she removed my scars with her special Nova machine and chemicals peels. I look radiant and younger!  

Santa Barbara

Kayla Block

Simi Valley

I have been going to Andrea Rose for years and so is my daughter. I love her experience and gentle manner. She has the magic touch and I just melt in her esthetician bed. My facial lines are reduced and my pigment has lifted. I also love the PCA products they really work! 

Debbie Montano

Culver City

Every woman knows once you find a good hair stylist or doctor, you will go to great lengths to maintain that relationship. So when my manicurist/dear friend of over 20 years decided to move her business from Venice Beach, I followed her in 2010 to her new location at Imagine Hair Salon in Simi Valley; I live in Culver City. Laugh as you might, but other Venice Beach clients are now making the trip to Simi Valley......and the truly great bonus has been discovering Andrea Rose whose skin care business, Ma Jolie, is located in the same salon! I had a 'peel' performed by Andrea over two weeks ago after seeing the amazing, glowing results sported by some very happy ladies in the salon and aside from getting my nails done yesterday, Andrea gave me the 'follow-up' facial that only further awed me after I thought my skin could not look any better! I am a 60 year old lady with the spirit of someone much younger and now I have the skin to match my youthful attitude towards life! I adore Andrea whose extensive skin knowledge, selection of PCA products, positive energy and end results have enriched my already very good life. I am not aware of any skin care service in West L.A. or Beverly Hills (and trust me, I have tried a number of them!) who can come close to the price point, service and joy provided by Ma Jolie's Andrea Rose. To any Westside lady reading this, with the money you save under Andrea's care, you can treat yourself to pair of Jimmy Choo's or a new DVF dress....pop in a great CD and enjoy the drive to Simi Valley, I swear you will not be disappointed!

Tresenia Griffin

Andrea is a master at her craft. She has transformed my skin from dry and rough to supple and smooth.  She takes the time to evaluate your skin and chooses products tailored to your needs.  I love her salon, the ambiance and the friendly nature of her staff.  It's casual elegance with a bit of sparkle.

Simi Valley, CA

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